Mercata is a new exclusive distributer for the NESTEA® in Serbia


One of the leading distributers in the domestic market – Mercata, becomes a new exclusive distributor of the NESTEA® brand in Serbia, thanks to continuing implementation of the new strategy with further strengthening of its FMCG portfolio. Consumers will have their favorite ice tea at disposal on shelves as of May 9th.

A multi-year experience in distribution and network coverage of the market makes Mercata the right distributor for the development of the NESTEA® brand in the domestic market. NESTEA® is a brand that is synonymous with the category of iced teas since it focuses on fewer ingredients, is prepared with tasty tea leaves extract from Nilgiri in India and combines pleasure and authenticity.

“We are very proud to have the NESTEA® brand in our portfolio which represents a big step further in our FMCG strategy implementation, as well as the fact that we were the ones recognized to ensure the full potential of this brand in the Serbian market. Nestea brand achieved more than 70% market share in the ICE TEA category last year, so we are committed to continue the share leadership of the brand that will contribute the annual turnover of 5 million euros this year to us”, said Peter Jagodič, CEO of Mercata.

The ice tea market in Serbia is currently worth over 14 million euros. The development of this category of products is primarily determined by trends in healthy hydration and habits of life, which focuses on products based on natural ingredients. Mercata expects the NESTEA® brand to grow expansively and provide an additional value in the Serbian market.