About us

MERCATA is the leading distributor of consumer goods in the territory of Serbia.

Since the establishment in 1991, we are dedicated to distribution and play an important role in the development of trade in the domestic market. A large number of prestigious global, regional and local brands from our offer which is our strength, from cigarettes, as the leading category, through food products, coffee, drinks, to non-food products.

Our business operates in accordance with the best known quality standard – ISO 9001, which represents an international standard for the quality management system in a business organization.

Our customers are all retailers, ranging from large retail chains to small independent stores. Through long-term cooperation and focus on the result with them, we have built good relationships of trust and partnership, which apart from the success of mutual business, significantly contribute to the direction of our further development.

We supply a network of 18,000 facilities, which makes us the distributor with the highest numerical coverage on the Serbian market.

What is Mercata’s advantage is the exceptional flexibility, understanding and sensitivity to the needs of our clients and that our team is made of capable, experienced and dedicated experts, absolutely focused on finding a solution for every challenge that is ahead. For us, each partner is significant enough and we are always looking for a win-win relationship.

We follow global standards in the structure and organization of the distribution network, as well as in terms of technology advancement. We are aware that we are living in a time of rapid change in an environment that requires top quality, so that our business is adapted to it.

In order to improve sales processes, we implemented the new Samsung Galaxy Tab Active, as well as the ESTEH software application, which have made significant improvements in the performance of our sales force and performance tracking of the results of the brands themselves.



Milan Šarčević

Commercial Director

Milan Šarčević has a great experience in the FMCG industry in all aspects of the commercial strategy. During career, he was responsible for establishing Sales processes, both in Serbia and in the region, gained experience in Risk management as well as in Change Management. Milan’s experience in sales relies on development through various positions during […]

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Petar Radovanović

Director of supply chain

His professional career so far consists of 17 years of work in the FMCG industry at positions and responsibilities in the logistics and supply chain. He joins Mercata team on June 1, 2017, as the director of the supply chain. From 2005-2017. He worked with Marbo Product / PepsiCo West Balkans, in positions of logistics […]

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Branko Bradić

Portfolio manager of the cigarette division

Branko Bradic is part of the Mercata team since its inception in 2001. Thanks to the impressive results achieved only three months after the company was founded, when 15 distribution centers were opened across Serbia, from Leskovac to Subotica, he came to the position of sales director. He actively participated in all organizational, developmental and […]

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Jasmina Nikolić

IT Manager

Jasmina is part of the Mercata team since February 2004. From the very beginning, she actively participated in the introduction and constant improvement of business applications, applications for field work by commercialists and business intelligence applications. She is in charge of the development and implementation of the IT strategy at the level of Mercata, the […]

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Social Responsibility

We are aware of our importance, and we feel responsible for using our own influence for the benefit of the wider social community.


In partnership with BRE and CPM, MERCATA participated in a charity event in 2015 and 2016, in which funds for the purchase of corporate gifts were redirected to the Institute of Neonatology and the Institute for Mother and Child Vukan Čupić. Through this action, 4 pulse oximeters were donated to the Institute for Mother and Child and one Injectomat and phototherapy lamp to the Institute for Neonatology. Donations have been taken over by the institute and are deployed in departments of intensive and semi-intensive care.


Taking care of the environment and the needs of the community, MERCATA, through the Serbian Government Office, donated significant funds in 2014 for the rehabilitation of areas that were damaged in the earthquake. Through Belgrade City Assembly, MERCATA provided material assistance to rescuers and vulnerable population, and in Kraljevo that same year helped build a house for a family that was left homeless.
All aspects of the assistance to the vulnerable were not missed even after the earthquake that struck Japan and especially the city of Fukushima, when MERCATA through the Japanese embassy in Belgrade donated significant funds to help the victims in this cataclysm, which included the action of organizing personal donation.


MERCATA, in the period from 2010 to 2013, was very pleased to support the New Year's charity campaign of collecting New Year's packages traditionally organized by Ušće Tower. On that occasion, gifts were provided for children from the Center for housing and day care for children and youth with disabilities, "Šekspirova" in Belgrade. As a sign of gratitude to MERCATA, the Center at "Šekspirova" issued a thank-you note for assistance and cooperation in achieving the conditions for the protection and rehabilitation of children and youth with disabilities.